Questions and answers


Are all sounds license protected or can they be used for commercial applications?


All of our sounds are licensed for commercial use in your projects, as long as they are not resold as standalone product. Simply put, if you purchase one of our products, you can use the sounds it contains in your commercial projects without any additional restrictions.



In what quality are the samples recorded?

For each product there are metadatas where the quality is described.
There are sounds in 24bit/48kHz, 24bit/96kHz or 32bit/96kHz.
Furthermore, the sounds are finalized according to EBU R 128 recommendation.

What happens after buying a sample library?


At our company, we use Pulse for our download management and license management needs. Pulse is a reliable and widely-used system supported by many reputable companies. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email from Pulse with your license and clear instructions on how to download your purchase.

Short version:
You download the download manager from, create an account and enter the license key you received by email.
Then you choose the installation location and Pulse Manager does the rest for you.


Why another audio sample company?

We understand that some may question the need for more music libraries, but our approach is not simply to replicate existing instruments. Instead, our focus is on creating unique, unconventional sounds. We are particularly drawn to granular synthesis, as well as dark ambient, noisecore, and oldschool techno.

These influences can be heard in our Native Instruments Kontakt libraries, such as "Ezcety", a synthesizer inspired by 80s noir sci-fi movies, or "The 999999", which features 9 layers of electrostatic noise, distorted string synthesizers, and granular synthesis-processed spring water.

Our love for 70s and 80s sci-fi movies and dystopian scenarios also play a role in shaping the sound of our products. We invite you to explore our offerings and discover something new.