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Antelunar (Dark Ambient Samplepack)

Antelunar (Dark Ambient Samplepack)

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of dark ambient music, where the ethereal and haunting sounds of the Elektron Digitakt transport you to new realms of sonic exploration. With meticulously curated samples specifically designed for dark ambient enthusiasts, this innovative package offers an immersive experience that will ignite your creativity and elevate your musical journey.

Within this exceptional collection, you will discover 80 Digitakt samples carefully selected to capture the essence of dark ambient music. Each sample has been thoughtfully organized into 8 distinct categories, featuring 10 unique variations in each category. This thoughtful arrangement empowers you to effortlessly construct complex soundscapes that resonate with your individual taste and express the depth of your artistic vision.

Let the haunting echoes and atmospheric textures of the Elektron Digitakt guide your creative process. With this remarkable instrument, you have the freedom to explore boundless possibilities and craft mesmerizing compositions that embrace the darkness. From brooding drones to intricate rhythmic patterns, the Digitakt empowers you to delve into the abyss of dark ambient music and unleash your deepest emotions.

Experience the power of the Digitakt as it becomes your trusted companion on this passionate musical journey. Its versatile capabilities and intuitive interface invite you to experiment, allowing you to shape the very essence of dark ambient music. With every touch of its tactile controls, you can summon ethereal melodies, haunting atmospheres, and pulsating rhythms that envelop your senses in a captivating embrace.

Unlock your true creative potential with the Elektron Digitakt, the ultimate tool for dark ambient music production. Immerse yourself in its evocative sonic palette, where the meeting of technology and artistry fuels your passion. Let the darkness guide you as you weave intricate tapestries of sound, transcending the boundaries of conventional music and venturing into uncharted territories of sonic expression.

Embark on this transformative musical odyssey with the Elektron Digitakt and embrace the enchanting allure of dark ambient. Let the rhythmic pulsations and haunting melodies intertwine, creating a symphony of emotions that resonates deep within your soul. 

Pre-configured assignment. You can of course change them as you like.:

  • Button 1 (KICK) = Beat/Drums
  • Button 2 (SNARE) = PADs
  • Button 3 (TOM) = Strings
  • Button 4 (CLAP) = Effects 1
  • Button 5 (COWBELL) = Effects 2
  • Button 6 (CLOSED HAT) = Noise
  • Button 7 (OPEN HAT) = Special rhythm 1
  • Button 8 (CYMBAL) = Special rhythm 2

Best suitable for:

  • Dark Ambient Music
  • Industrial Music
  • Drone Music
  • Lo-fi Music


  • 1 Digitakt Project (.dtprj)
  • 49 MB
  • Download after order
  • No license key required


Sound examples:

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