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Cinematic metallic sounds: A Kontakt Sound Design Library

Cinematic metallic sounds: A Kontakt Sound Design Library

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Unleash your boundless creativity with our extraordinary sample library, meticulously crafted for the visionary sound designer seeking the pinnacle of audio excellence.
As a standout in Sound Design Libraries, our unparalleled collection of 200 cinematic virtual instruments, exclusively available on the Native Instruments Kontakt platform, serves as a premier Cinematic Sound Pack.
It's an absolute essential for those yearning to forge immersive soundscapes that transcend the realms of imagination in film, television, and gaming.

Embodied within these remarkable instruments, born from an eclectic fusion of industrial marvels – factories, canisters, barrels, and doors – lies an unrivaled potential to sculpt sonic landscapes that evoke the deepest emotions.
Each Kontakt instrument within our esteemed library is a testament to our unwavering commitment to capturing and refining the purest essence of sound.
With eight layers of mastery per instrument, you wield absolute dominion over every facet of your sonic voyage, enabling you to fashion opulent and dynamic textures that will elevate your every creation.

To further elevate your creative prowess, our esteemed library, a gem among Sound Design Libraries, boasts two celestial XY pads, seamlessly granting you the power to shape volume and imbue effects with breathtaking intensity in real-time.
Whether you are a seasoned maestro or a nascent luminary, our Native Instruments Kontakt-powered virtual instrument library will ignite the fires of inspiration within you, beckoning you to explore uncharted sonic territories teeming with limitless possibilities.

Dive into the profound influence of unparalleled sound design today, for within this ethereal realm, the whispers of your imagination shall manifest into reality.

Best suitable for:

  • Film / TV support with Pads
  • SciFi ambient sounds
  • Game Audio
  • Sound design
  • Various Foley Sounds / EFX

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