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The 999999 (Evil Drone-Synthesizer) | Kontakt Sample Library

The 999999 (Evil Drone-Synthesizer) | Kontakt Sample Library

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Unlock the power of sound design with our virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. With our 10x6 matrix mixer, you can create a wide range of ominous drone-like sounds and powerful pads that are perfect for scoring horror films, sci-fi, and other genres. Our virtual instrument features high-quality sound layers that can be combined to create unique, custom sounds.

Or, use the built-in random generator for endless possibilities and endless surprises. Add depth and dimension to your music and film compositions with the versatile sounds of our virtual instrument.

Best suitable for:

  • Dark Ambient Drone Soundscapes
  • foley-/ sound design
  • pulsating detuned synth sound





Sound examples:

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